• Salt Heart
    The heart
    finds comfort
    in what
    is buried
    and rises,
    Rose of Sharon.
  • Red, First: A Short Short Essay

    If one seeks intimacy, looks closely, reds appear in spring long before greens.

  • Renga: A Short Short Story

    That’s just like Pierre, Kobe said. He loved to hang out on the edge. This time the grader backed into the passenger side. She said it all matter-of-factly. Without bitterness. She couldn’t jump, she said. The back was piled too high with luggage. She was right next to the drop off. Pierre couldn’t see the guy backing up just as he tried to streak past. Kobe was silent for a while.

  • Keys: A Short Short Memoir

    I hunt through the stack of sailing photos on my office sofa and the pockets of my briefcase at least three times. Caught in the web of phlegm where each breath was arduous, she lifted her head to me, recognized my voice.

  • Toxic Garden Sequence

    The next afternoon, opposite
    Sydney’s Peace and Love
    we dove off the boat
    suddenly surrounded
    with transparent umbrella-like
    bodies, each embossed
    with a white etching
    of a wood poppy blossom.
    Jellyfish, she said, poisonous.


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Green Fuse Poetic Arts released Kate Hallett Dayton's chapbook, Catalpa, on October 1, 2013. Salt Heart, her poetry collection, was released on April 1, 2013 by Nodin Press. In 2004 Pudding House Publications released her chapbook, Missing. Previously, she received an Award of Merit in the ByLine Press Chapbook Competition and ten poems from Missing earned her a finalist position for the Nimrod International Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize. Two poems from Salt Heart appeared in Nimrod's Awards issue in 2012. She received a Nolte-Miller Scholarship in fiction from the Split Rock Arts Program at the University of Minnesota and an Art in the Wild fiction fellowship from University of California, Davis. She won a Loft Faculty Grant and a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, as well as traveled to Belgium on a Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant to do research on her novel about two photographers, Parallax. She studied photography with Nadine and Craig Blacklock. She has taught creative writing for COMPAS and the Loft Literary Center, as well as teaching writing, business writing, composition and travel writing at Hamline University, Normandale Community College, Century College and at the University of St. Thomas. She spent one month in residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing and two-and-a-half months at the Norcroft Writing Retreat for Women in Lutsen.

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Circulating Poetry Manuscript:

Disciple of Water, January 31, 2014, a poetry collection under consideration.

Forthcoming Publications:

My short story "The White Horse" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Whistling Shades.

Most Recent Publications:

Catalpa arrived in the rain on October 4th, 2013 from Green Fuse Poetic Arts Organization.

Salt Heart, published in April 1, 2013 by Nodin Press of Minneapolis.

"Turning" and "Water Lily" from Salt Heart published in the Nimrod International Awards 34, Fall/Winter 2012 issue.

"On Fire" from Salt Heart also found a home in the anthology Meditations on Divine Names in 2012.



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