Kate Hallett Dayton offers a variety of professional writing services as an instructor, speaker, mentor and editor.


As a college instructor, Kate has taught developmental and college composition sequences as well as business and technical writing between 2000-2009. She has also developed and taught a variety of Loft courses in memoir, fiction and travel writing between 1990-2004. She has taught poets from Shakespeare to Billy Collins to W.S. Merwin and worked one-on-one with several writers on their working manuscripts. In addition she offered follow-up Oak Table classes in memoir and fiction in her home. In this way she has taught beginning and intermediate memoir, fiction, and poetry to enthusiastic students with instruction tailored to the needs of individuals and small groups.


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As a writing mentor, Kate has worked one-on-one with dozens of writers to move projects forward as well as complete poetry, memoir and fiction manuscripts. As a mentor for the COMPAS Literary Post program she corresponded with her clients and visited them in outstate Minnesota. More recently, she's worked one-on-one with former Loft students and the Loft's One-to-One program. Her services range from an overview to detailed written or Track Changes responses and/or conferences. Although written notes are very helpful, one-on-one sessions enable a conversation about the work that often inspires the writer to move the work in new directions. She has critiqued the published and unpublished manuscripts of Sharon Chmielarz, Pat Barone, Cary Waterman, Carol Masters, Mary Kay Rummel, Martha Meek and Nancy Raeburn among others.


As an instructor and presenter, Kate has spoken professionally on topics within her passion, knowledge and expertise. In 2004 she spoke in a panel at the MNSCU Writing and Literature Conference on the use of memoir in the college classroom and in 2005 on D2L in the developmental writing classroom. In 2005 she presented in the Travel Writing Conference at the Loft Literary Center. She coordinated the MNSCU Writers Read Their Work celebration in 2005 and 2007 and completed over twenty-five poetry, memoir and fiction readings at venues as diverse as the Weismann Art Museum, St. Thomas University Library, Normandale College Bookstore and the Minnesota State Fair between 1996 to 2010.  At the Marshall Field’s Auditorium in the Loft Literary Center, she gave the publication reading for her chapbook, Missing. She’s spoken on subjects as diverse as the use of computers in the developmental writing classroom to portfolios in the college composition classroom to college readiness standards in the MNSCU system as well as a variety of topics on poetry, fiction and memoir development at The Loft Literary Center.


As writer and co-editor of Style Form Standards, Kate has had extensive experience editing a variety of high school, college and professional writers’ manuscripts. She edited the student publications Images and Insight as well as over twenty COMPAS Writers-in- the-Schools student publications. Her book reviews, travel articles and essays have been published in The Star Tribune, Minnesota Monthly, Minnesota Explorer, Minnesota Women’s Press and the Minnesota English Journal. She has also published poetry and fiction in a variety of literary magazines, including Passages North, Flyway and Nimrod International. Many of her former Loft students and clients have gone on to publish manuscripts they developed while working with Kate.

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